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ส่งเงินบาทไทย สูตร รู เล็ ต รวย รวย

Strong Charities. Strong Communities.

Grant Connect

Caring Companies

Standards Program

The State of Evaluation

Read more on how Canadian charities are evaluating their work, funders expectations and what the common enablers & barriers are.


Unfair or Unwanted? Competition Between Charities and For-Profit Businesses in Canada

Our Chief Economist asks the question: Do ‘tax supported charities’ have an unfair advantage over for-profit businesses?


Our National Partners

  • great west life
  • Lawson Foundation
  • Muttart Foundation
  • RBC Foundation
  • Suncor
  • TD Bank
  • investors group

Learn more about our National Partners and other?supporters.

Charitable Registration Number: 119218790 RR0001

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